5 minutes with…Gill Lynes

What makes Carpenter Box Financial Advisers (CBFA) stand out from the rest is our people and their commitment to having great relationships with their clients, and with their colleagues.

In our ‘Five minutes with…’ series we meet some of the great team at Carpenter Box Financial Advisers. We posed various sets of questions to people across our firm to provide a glimpse into their lives and perspectives.

Next in our line up, we take time out to catch up with Senior Financial Planning Manager, Gill Lynes!

Tell us about yourself

I’m Gill Lynes, a Senior Financial Planning Manager at Carpenter Box Financial Advisers. I was born in Portsmouth and am now married and a mother of two. I previously worked in Bancassurance for 32 years before joining Carpenter Box in 2016.

Outside of work, what keeps you busy? 

I spend most of my spare time battling with the garden when the weather allows! I also enjoying eating out in various local eateries with family and friends or simply reading a good book.

What advice would you give to someone starting their career in financial advice?

Despite misconceptions, financial advice is not really all about the figures, it’s about your clients hopes, dreams and aspirations. Of course, you need to have a solid technical knowledge and qualify to be an adviser. However, to be successful and get the most satisfaction out of your job, you have to enjoy talking to people and building relationships with clients.

What do you value most about working at Carpenter Box Financial Advisers? 

The people I work with are fantastic. We work hard and gel together as a team. I probably laughed more in the first week here than I did in 32 years in Bancassurance.

Tell us about an accomplishment that shaped your career  

I think the decision to do my diploma was very significant and a definite high point of my career. I passed all six exams in a 6-month period whilst working full time. Although I am proud of the achievement, I’m not sure I could do that again! 

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