Financial Update – December 2020

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Is the end of November a time to celebrate? All the stock markets we cover in the Bulletin made significant gains in the month; the UK’s second national lockdown ended and Christmas is on the horizon.

Or is the glass half-empty? We’ve come out of lockdown into far harsher tiers than we’ve previously experienced. There are already dark mutterings of the tiers extending well into the New Year and, for many families, Christmas is going to be very different this year.

A lot happened in November. It brought us the Chancellor’s Spending Review and perhaps the clearest indication yet of the impact the pandemic has had on the national high street.

With just a month to go to the end of the transition period there is still no agreement between the UK and the EU, with fishing proving to be the latest stumbling block.

Most significantly though, November brought hopes of an anti-Covid vaccine in many countries. If you’re looking for a reason why stock markets did so well in November, look no further.

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