Financial Update – June 2021

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June. The month that marks the beginning of summer. This year it is a month that has been more highly anticipated than in recent memory, as with it comes the cautious promise of a slow return to relative normality.

With the opening of remaining business and event premises, including nightclubs, and the lifting of capacity on events and performances in sight, it is certainly an exciting time in 2021. With the limit on attendees to weddings set to be lifted, it is also quite fitting that June is named after the Roman Goddess Juno; the goddess of marriage.

Looking back at Junes gone by shows us some interesting events. For example, in 1613 an unfortunate mishap with the planned cannon fire at a performance of Shakespeare’s Henry V caused London’s Globe Theatre to be destroyed by flames! In more uplifting news from the capital, June 1894 brought the official opening of Tower Bridge, accompanied by a flotilla of ships and boats sailing down the Thames.

Perhaps of all the events that June has given us, however, the one which we have felt the biggest impact of during the pandemic is the introduction of the British television licence in June 1946. Although we would much rather be paying the £2 they cost at the time of release!

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