The Retirement Gym

Giving your retirement plans a workout, with Roy Thompson

Welcome to the Retirement Gym! This is the podcast that aims to help you make good decisions whilst you’re saving for retirement and how to spend money when you’re actually in retirement.

Latest episode

Episode 7: What is sustainable investing?

Roy Thompson speaks with Phoebe Stone, Head of Sustainable Investing at LGT Vestra. In this episode, Phoebe explains what sustainable investing is and the effect it can have on financial returns.

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Previous episodes

Episode 6: Importance of investment risk on your retirement fund

In this episode Roy is joined by David Cooke, Investment Manager and Partner at Saltus Investment Management. They discuss the importance of investment risk and the returns you can achieve on your retirement funds.

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Episode 5: Emotional consequences of retirement

In this episode, Roy speaks with Caroline Clarke, a Psychotherapist based in Brighton who helps people navigate major life changes such as retirement.

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Episodes 3 & 4: Coping with Covid part 1 and 2

The Retirement Gym Podcast has released a special 2-part series entitled ‘Coping with Covid’.

Part 1: Businesses

In Part 1, Roy Thompson is joined by MHA Carpenter Box Tax Partner Dan HobbsDan talks through some of the major measures announced for businesses to help them with cash flow difficulties.

Part 2: Individuals

In Part 2, Roy is joined by Kelvin Riches, a Chartered Financial Planner at MHA Carpenter Box Financial AdvisersKelvin speaks about what individuals can do to help with their personal finances during the Coronavirus crisis.

Episode 2: Legal matters in later life

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Episode 1: Budgeting for your retirement

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